Bobby Calves

This is the story of Bobby, a dairy calf. Bobby was permanently taken from his mum when he was just 12 hours old.  There is nothing unusual in this; the same thing happens to 800 000 other male calves in Australia every year. As a male and obviously unable to produce milk, Bobby had no value in the dairy industry. From the moment he was born, he was regarded as merely an unwanted ‘waste product’ of the dairy industry and treated accordingly.

Like any newborn, Bobby needed his mother, and in the few short hours they were together they formed a bond. Naturally, Bobby’s separation from his mum was very confusing and distressing for him. It was the same for his mother – as he was taken away, her anguished cries could be heard.

For several days Bobby remained on the farm. On the fifth day he was transported for many hours to the saleyards. During this time he had no food or water. He was too stressed to lie down and became quite exhausted.

At the saleyard, Bobby’s journey was almost over. He stayed there overnight and by morning he had not eaten for nearly 30 hours.  If he had been with his mum, he would have been fed at least 5 times by now.  Bobby was hungry, bewildered and frightened. After all, he was only a baby.

Later that morning, he was bought for a cheap price and sent to his final destination: the slaughterhouse.  A bolt through his brain ended Bobby’s short, miserable life.

Ending a dairy calf’s life so prematurely is not necessary in a compassionate world.

Help create a better world for calves just like Bobby. He missed out on a good life, but you won’t miss out on anything by ditching dairy.